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Founded in 2020, CB Mentoring came to its official fruition after the life-changing events of the global pandemic and the shocking murder of George Floyd in the US in the same year. As a group, we felt the unshakable need to support our youth moving forward and to make a positive impact on the lives of the children in our communities.  We had the strong sense that as capable professionals in our chosen fields, we were in a position to begin the process of supporting our younger peers to be well equipped with the right life skills for the future ahead and to make an impact in our community. The founding members are all long-term friends and in some cases family. but all socially connected and now working together on this special and life-changing project.

Our charity has worked closely with members of the community, including Cambridge University to provide life-changing experiences for the children wishing Cambridgeshire. In 2021 we piloted our first Saturday School cohort with the support of Wolfson College, Cambridge which provided tutors and a dedicated learning environment for school-aged children to focus on completing their homework and improving their core learning. 

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