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Cambridge Slow Swim and Picnic

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The Cambridge Swim Picnic isn't a race. It's a social swim and a picnic at Sheep's Green, in the historic city of Cambridge. The only difference is to get to the picnic you have to swim along the idyllic River Cam from the village of Grantchester 2.5km away.

The Cambridge Swim Picnic is part of the Slow Swimming campaign, aimed at encouraging swimmers to take their time and enjoy the opportunity to be out fully immersed in nature. There are no timing chips or results sheets. Everyone who takes part is a winner equally.

Slow Swimming can be thought of as a reaction to the ever-increasing speed and complexity of the modern world. When you swim slowly you see more of what's around you. You notice the sounds of the wildlife, how your body is moving in the water, the feel of the water as it passes you and you will even notice the different temperatures, smells, and sometimes, even the tastes of the water. 

This year's Cambridge Slow Swim is on Sheeps Green on 8th July 2023. Sign up here:

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